Annual cybersecurity training doesn’t work, so what’s the alternative?


Annual cybersecurity training doesn’t work, so what’s the alternative?

This week on cybersecurity from the editors of Cybercrime Magazine

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Sausalito, California – April 16, 2024

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, the Security Awareness Training Market Reached $5.6 Billion in 2023 and is expected to exceed $10 billion over the next four years. This market boom comes as no surprise: cyber threats are commonplace and large-scale attacks continue to dominate headlines, according to a article in TechRadar Pro by Neil Thacker, CISO EMEA at Netskope. Every organization, he writes, regardless of its size, runs the risk of a breach.

Annual cybersecurity awareness training is a regular part of most organizations’ calendar to ensure that every person within every department develops their cyber awareness skills and is able to detect threats and respond accordingly before they become a major problem . With security threats rapidly evolving, this training is often outdated and can take months or even years to help people recognize the tactics being used.

Ask any security manager and they’ll have no trouble admitting that employees find annual cybersecurity training time-consuming and uninspiring. Often seen as a distraction to an employee, many click, read, watch videos at double speed and continue with their activities. shortcuts they can find to get the certificate of completion, check the box and continue with their work day.

So how do we go beyond education? Organizations everywhere need a behavioral intervention that helps individuals return to logical thinking before taking big cyber risks.

Modest, regular, human-centered intervention provides an ideal pathway to effective long-term behavior change. An example of this is nudge theory — a general set of principles intended to guide human behavior toward a more desirable path.

When it comes to security measures, the Cybercrime Magazine podcast recently released a new weekly series called “Safety boost», sponsored by CybSafe, developers of a human risk management platform.

Read the full story for more strategies around ongoing employee safety training and reinforcement training.

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