USCIS resolves work permit limbo with 540-day extension


United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announcement changes to the automatic extension period for certain work authorization documents (EAD), thus preventing nearly 800,000 EAD renewal applicants from having to interrupt their work authorization. Automatic extensions will now go up to 540 days, a significant improvement over the previous period of 180 days.

USCIS estimates that approximately 60,000 to 80,000 employers in the United States would have been negatively affected by this disruption.

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“Temporarily extending the existing automatic extension to 540 days will avoid interruptions in work authorizations,” said USCIS Director Ur M. Jaddou. “At the same time, this rule provides DHS with an additional window to consider long-term solutions by soliciting public comment and identifying new strategies to ensure that noncitizens eligible for work authorization can maintain this benefit .”

The temporary final rule will apply to all eligible EAD applicants with a pending renewal application who filed on or after October 27, 2023. EAD applicants eligible for the 540-day renewal include those who file a renewal application. asylum, Temporary Protected Status (TPS)And status adjustment.

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