Ubiquiti UDM Pro and pfSense: Stop sending unauthorized traffic | by Teri Radichel | Biting Bugs | April 2024


If traffic is blocked multiple times, stop sending it

I look at my logs and there is constant ICMP IPv6 traffic coming out of Ubiquiti UDM Pro even though it is blocked on the network. You would think that a network device made by networking experts would detect if a protocol is not allowed outside of it and stop sending it in that case, right?

At most check once like every 24 hours to see if it has been activated or after any network change, not every few seconds.

The same goes for everything related to pfSense, Apple and Microsoft applications.

Additionally, there are many other blocked ports, protocols, and domains that the UDM Pro keeps trying to reach. The pfSense is a bit better because it only speaks periodically for some things, but for others it continues to forward traffic. There no longer appears to be a way to completely disable IPv6.

Any network device, operating system, or browser programmed by people with knowledge of networking should check if a protocol, port, domain, or IP address is blocked and stop sending messages there. Maybe you have a status panel showing which ports, protocols, IP addresses, or domains are blocked with a “test again” button that will re-run whatever was blocked.

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