Best Ways to Get PR in Canada for International Students


4. Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) are immigration pathways that allow each province and territory in Canada to nominate candidates for permanent residence based on their specific economic and demographic needs.

PNPs complement the federal immigration system by meeting regional labor market demands and promoting economic development in various provinces and territories across Canada.

Consideration of education and work experience in Canada

PCPs often favor candidates with education and work experience in Canada. Many provinces have specific streams or categories in their PNPs that prioritize candidates with ties to the province, such as graduates of Canadian post-secondary institutions or people who have gained work experience there.

Having education and work experience in Canada can improve a candidate’s eligibility for nomination via a PCP and increase their chances of successfully obtaining permanent residency.

Provinces with favorable PNP streams for graduates

Several provinces in Canada offer advantageous PNP pathways for international students and graduates. For example, Ontario has the International Student Stream, which allows graduates of eligible Canadian post-secondary institutions to apply for an appointment if they have a job offer from an Ontario employer.
In the same way, British Columbia proposes the International graduate streamtargeting graduates of Canadian institutions who have obtained a job offer in a profession in high demand in the province.

Other provinces, such as Alberta, Saskatchewan, ManitobaAnd New Scotland, have specific streams or categories within their PNPs suitable for international graduates. These pathways often prioritize candidates with Canadian education and work experience, making them attractive options for graduates seeking permanent residency in Canada.

Overall, PCPs provide additional pathways to permanent residency for international students and graduates, allowing them to leverage their education and work experience in Canada to establish themselves in various provinces and territories across Canada. By exploring PCP options, graduates can increase their chances of achieving their goal of becoming permanent residents of Canada.

5. Visitor visa, study visa and work permit

  • Although not direct PR avenues, these visas and permits can be a stepping stone.
  • After completing your studies, apply for a Post-graduation work permit if you want to work in Canada.
  • Gaining work experience in Canada can improve your chances of qualifying for public relations later.

6. Commercial Investor Programs

If you are an international graduate entrepreneur or investor interested in exploring business opportunities in Canadayou may find it helpful to look into specific programs such as Startup Visa Program or provincial commercial channels.

These programs aim to encourage investment and job creation in Canada and can provide valuable support and resources to help you get started. With its favorable business environment, diverse economy and highly skilled workforce, Canada can be an excellent place to start or grow a business.

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