Changing Docker output colors. If you prefer fewer rainbows on… | by Teri Radichel | Biting Bugs | April 2024


If you prefer fewer rainbows on your screen

Do not mistake yourself. I love rainbows. ❤️🌈

However, I don’t like seeing the result on my screen in a million colors.

I also change my backgrounds periodically to spice up my blogs or work in some way. I get bored of always seeing the same thing.

If you have a program that displays your text in a cacophony of colors, sometimes the chosen colors may not match your own choices. In fact, it can be downright hideous.

I just had this problem with Docker and was reading this:

Interesting. If you run this command, docker colors are disabled:

export NO_COLOR=true

Then I set my colors in other ways, for example in my terminal settings or the methods described in these articles:

Note that I don’t know if NO_COLORS affects vim, but if it does, I probably wouldn’t need to do what I did in the post above. I just wanted VIM to match my terminal selections.

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