A perfect cover letter for a student visa application (example)


Apply for a study permit in Canada
June 1, 2022.

Akash Kumar
Apartment No. 100, Triveni Apartments
Pitam Pura, NEW DELHI, 110034

High Commission of Canada to India, New Delhi
Visa Section
7/8 Shantipath
Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110 021,

To the attention : Visa Officer
Subject: Canadian study permit application

Dear Sir Madam,

I have been accepted into a graduate program at the University of Waterloo in Canada and will be applying for a study permit. I have included my original college acceptance letter with this application.

I am a qualified software developer with six years of experience in the IT industry in India. I have been working in this role for two years in a large IT company in New Delhi.

Thanks to the computer science degree that I completed from Delhi Technological University in 2016, I was able to land a very profitable job. During my studies, I learned to design and write codes used in various software programs around the world. The Indian software development industry is growing rapidly and as a result, many companies are looking for developers who specialize in specific programming languages. Therefore, I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge and skills by enrolling in an international graduate program.

I chose a graduate program focused on programming languages ​​at the University of Waterloo because it is among the best educational institutions in the world in this area of ​​study. Many of the program’s faculty have contributed to innovative developments in the field of software programming. The Waterloo-Kitchener region is also known for producing many talented people in the IT field, earning it the nickname Canada’s Silicon Valley. On the other hand, my educational prospects in India are quite limited. New Delhi is a large city with many reputed educational institutions. However, none offer the graduate program I am pursuing. I also believe that being immersed in a North American environment will allow me to learn how to adapt my skills to multinational companies upon my return to India.

I paid the University of Waterloo 14,000 CAD to cover my costs for my first semester. You can verify this transaction in the bank draft attached with my application.

I also found accommodation in a dormitory on the university campus. The address of the dormitory is:

Office #303, Village 1, University of Waterloo
200 University Avenue West
Waterloo, Ontario, N2J 4B6, Canada

I paid my accommodation fees for the first semester. You can contact the university administrator in charge of the dormitory at the following telephone number: +1 519-888-4567 ext. 84086

Funds available

I have 8,100,000 INR or 50,000 CAD in my Indian bank account. You can check this amount on the bank statement I provided with the application. You can also check that I gradually built up these savings through the monthly salary deposits I received from my job at Linus Technologies in New Delhi.

I plan to return to India after completing my graduate program at the University of Waterloo. Both my elderly parents (photo attached) reside in New Delhi and I plan to take care of them after my return. I also intend to take over the management of their rental property in town. My older brother (photo attached) will take on this task while I complete my studies in Canada.

I would greatly appreciate your support in issuing a study permit before August 1, 2022, so that I can leave for Canada by August 15, 2022, for my program orientation. I have included all relevant information requested in the original application. Please contact me at +91 1234-567890 or akashkumar149856@gmail.com if you require me to submit additional information or documents for my application.



Akash Kumar

Summary of expenses/funds

First semester rent: CAD$3,500
Amount of rent to pay: CAD$3,100

First year tuition fees: CAD$28,000
First semester tuition fees: CAD$14,000
Fees payable for the first semester: CAD$13,000

The total bank balance in my account is INR 8,100,000 or CAD 50,000.

Note: The documents and other elements attached to my application are summarized below:

  • Cover letter
  • Checklist Form (IMM 5483)
  • Completed and signed application form
  • Additional information form
  • The University of Waterloo provided the acceptance letter. (Original + one copy)
  • Payment receipt for first semester tuition fees
  • Accommodation confirmation at the University of Waterloo Village 1 dormitory
  • Proof of funds (bank statement for the last six months)
  • Statement from my bank manager describing my financial history.
  • Originals and photocopies of my educational documents.
  • Original IELTS language test results
  • Letter of recommendation from my work supervisor
  • Original passport and a copy
  • Photos of my parents and my brother
  • Copy of my identity card
  • Six recent photos
  • Criminal record certificate

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