The reading ratio deteriorates. I didn’t have time to write; apparently… | by Teri Radichel | Biting Bugs | March 2024


You haven’t had time to write and apparently people don’t read previously published articles and these Medium stats presentations I think are too short to count as reading?

Part of my series on Monitoring Support Statistics.

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I haven’t had time to write long technical articles lately because I’ve been busy with customer requests.

What I’ve noticed is that my reading rate is absolutely plummeting.

This morning, it is only at 20%. I don’t know if it’s because I write these shorter stories that follow the stats and they’re not long enough to hold attention for 30 seconds or whatever the average requirement is.

You can see my stats here at 10:16 a.m.: 556 views and 116 reads.

That’s up about 21% while my previous reading rates were up about 30-33%.

I think Medium might try to reward people for writing longer articles rather than shorter articles like this – or who knows. Because I’m pretty sure people read these shorter articles end to end when they clap them etc.

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Hopefully I’ll get back to it soon, but I need to present another client proposal. As much as I would love to write all day, they pay a lot more and have to pay the bills. 😉

Here’s the final status for Friday – generally slow days. 219/1100 = 20% reading rate.

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