Penetration test proposal. What to expect from a penetration test… | by Teri Radichel | Cloud Security | March 2024


What to expect from a 2nd Sight Lab penetration testing or security assessment proposal

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I didn’t have a chance to do much coding or writing this week because I had to submit a lot of proposals at once. I was particularly happy that some former clients were interested in hiring me again. It’s a special honor to know that someone likes your work so much that they want to hire you again.

A penetration test proposal

As I was writing proposals for clients, I noticed that I had created some proposals in different ways in the past. I sometimes write documents and sometimes slide presentations. I don’t remember why I do this differently in some cases, but if I’ve provided one or the other to a client in the past, I tend to stick with that format.

I’m going to share my slideshow proposal in this story with the spaces I would fill in if you asked me for a proposal. If you like it, you can contact me on LinkedIn to get a proposal for your next penetration test. A proposal…

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