Migrating Calendar Events from One Workspace to Another | by Teri Radichel | Cloud Security | March 2024


Export and import calendar events from one user to another

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I wrote about migrating email from one workspace to another here:

Unfortunately, when you do this, not all data is migrated. When you delete the account, you also cannot transfer this data to another account outside of the current workspace.

It’s also unfortunate that you apparently need to import and export calendar data for each user as of this writing. Maybe Google is working on bulk import/export features or I’m just not seeing them, but this process met my needs.

Google provides information on how to transfer data for different types of services in this article:

They offer two options for calendars:

The first option is to share the calendar with someone else, but this does not transfer ownership of the calendar itself. If you delete your calendar, it is associated with the Google ID I mentioned in the post above and it will be deleted.

There is another link here to import events into your new Google Calendar.

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