Configuring VPC and VPC flow logs for an AWS Site to Site pfSense VPN | by Teri Radichel | Cloud Security | March 2024


ACM.465 Creating a VPC to connect our pfSense to via VPN and configuring logging to inspect associated network traffic

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In the last article I explained why you might want to route your traffic through AWS.

In this article, I will manually configure VPC and VPC flow logs for use in this architecture.

If you want to automate VPC creation and flow logs and add some governance to ensure they are always configured correctly, I’ve covered this in other articles:

Create a VPC (AWS Virtual Private Cloud)

Go to the VPC dashboard in AWS.

There you will see a default VPC, but we will create a separate VPC for this process.

Click on Create a VPC.

Add the VPC settings:

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