Misleading AI Content and Elections 2024 – Security Week with Tony Anscombe



As the specter of AI-generated disinformation looms, tech giants are pledging to crack down on fabricated content that could influence voters and disrupt this year’s elections around the world.

As record numbers of people around the world head to the polls this year, concerns are growing over the use of Misleading AI-generated content to influence voters and undermine the integrity of elections. It highlights global tech titans, who are uniting to combat the rising tide of AI-driven deceptions that could mislead voters.

Earlier this week, Meta announced the creation of a “task force” to prevent AI-related abuses ahead of this year’s European elections. This happened following a ‘pact“that 20 tech companies – including Microsoft, Google, Meta, X and TikTok – signed last month with the aim of countering the risks associated with misleading AI content.

Watch the video to learn more about efforts to prevent misleading AI content from influencing the electoral process and what experts think of the planned strategies.

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