Akira Ransomware claims data breach in Swedish municipality


The Akira ransomware group has set its sights on another target: the municipality of Bjuv in Skåne county in southern Sweden. The notorious hacker group, known for its brazen cyberattacks against Swedish entities, has issued a warning on the dark web, threatening to release almost 200 GB of data stolen from the Bjuv municipality’s systems.

The ransomware group’s message, published on the dark web, describes the nature of the stolen data, including confidential documents, contracts, agreements and personal HR records.

“We will download almost 200 GB from the Bjuvs kommun organization. Confidential documents, contracts, agreements, personal HR files, etc. “, we read in the press release. Ransomware group message.

Despite the Bjuv data breach allegation made by cybercriminals, Official website of the municipality of Bjuv remains fully functional, raising questions about the authenticity of the cyberattack.

Akira Ransomware Group
Source: Twitter

Potential implication of the Bjuvs data breach

The municipality of Bjuv, located in southern Sweden, plays a central role as a vital administrative center serving the needs of its residents and businesses. With its headquarters nestled in the charming town of Bjuv, the municipality oversees a wide range of essential services and functions, from local governance and infrastructure management to public health and safety initiatives.

This latest Bjuvs data breach follows previous incidents involving the Akira ransomware group. targeting the Canadian company TeraGo, a secure cloud service provider. In February 2024, the group allegedly infiltrated TeraGo and bragged about accessing 45 GB of data, including customer agreements and financial records, threatening to release this information to the public.

The denim industry has also fallen victim to the nefarious activities of the Akira ransomware group, whose Amsterdam-based company DENHAM the Jeanmaker revealing a cyberattack in January 2024. While the the denim giant confirmed the breachhe stopped short of attributing the incident to the ransomware group, leaving the veracity of the claims unconfirmed.

Furthermore, the Akira ransomware group bold cyber activities have expanded beyond commercial entities to include educational institutions such as Van Buren Public School in Belleville, Michigan. The threat actor bragged about accessing sensitive public school information and flaunted his ill-gotten gains on the website. Dark Webalthough the veracity of this claim awaits official confirmation from authorities.

The Cyber ​​Express contacted the Municipality of Bjuv for further information on the cyberattacks against Bjuv and all associated threat actors. As of now, no official statement or response has been received, leaving the allegations regarding the Bjuv data breach unconfirmed.

As this story continues to unfold, the Cyber Express remains committed to providing updates on these rapidly evolving cybersecurity incidents. Stay tuned to the latest developments as authorities investigate these alarming threats and organizations work to strengthen their defenses against cybercriminals.

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