7 Key Benefits of the BC PNP Tech Program


Initially launched in 2017 as a pilot project to meet the demand for a tech talent pool in B.C.’s technology sector, British Columbia PNP Technology became a permanent program in 2021 in response to the continued demand for skilled technology workers in the province.

The BC government’s primary goal with this program is to encourage the province’s technology sector to employ and retain an international pool of skilled workers. The program also facilitates a faster immigration pathway for technology professionals seeking permanent residents in the province.

BC PNP Technology Program Benefits

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee (BC PNP) Tech Program offers several benefits:

1. Weekly invitation series

Technology candidates receive additional opportunities through weekly invitations, increasing their chances of being selected for a provincial nomination. British Columbia holds targeted technology-only draws to ensure qualified technology candidates have priority access to the program.

This means you have a better chance of being absorbed by tech employers in the sector. Eligible occupations at BC PNP Tech.

2. BC PNP concierge service

For technology employers, a dedicated BC PNP concierge service will provide personalized information and navigational assistance for the immigration program.

3. Better work-life balance

Advantage: Emphasis is placed on work-life balance, allowing technology professionals to enjoy fulfilling careers in a supportive environment while savoring the high quality of life in British Columbia.

4. No LMIA authorization

Your job offer does not require LMIA authorization, which is of great help to both employers and candidates as it saves time and money. This speeds up and reduces the cost of the application process. Applicants can apply for a new work permit or renew their current permit and continue to work through the federal permanent residency process without the need for a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

The complete list of BC PNP technology occupations

5. Faster processing of the request

Applications for the BC PNP Tech program are processed on a priority basis. Your application file will be assigned to a specific team during the day. More than 70% of British Columbia applications take two to three months to process. BC Tech Program applications are often quicker than general applications.

6. Integration with the technology community

The BC PNP technology program allows skilled workers to integrate into a dynamic technology sector in the province. The technology sector in British Columbia is thriving and there are many opportunities for collaboration, networking and professional growth.

7. Attractive salary

Over the past 15 years, British Columbia’s technology sector has experienced tremendous growth with a rapid increase in technology products and services. According to various reports, salaries in the technology sector have increased significantly, reflecting the growing competition for technology talent in the province. The recent arrival of various multinational companies in the province and subsequently the development of the sector and ancillary industries have contributed to the increase in wages.

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