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Details and summary of readings and views do not match

I’ve been tracking Medium stats anomalies for views, reads, and skimmings on this blog.

Today my readings and opinions have increased a bit and are back to 1600 views. I didn’t follow it until the midnight bug. I posted several stories today.

What I always find interesting about moving forward is that stores that get claps don’t get any views or reads the first day I post them and sometimes longer.

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So I clicked on one of those stories from the list above.

Medium’s own statistics are inconsistent. Total reads and views do not match reads and views details.

I’m sure there is some magical explanation for this, but after working in a bank this statement no longer holds and has been that way for some time.

I went back and looked at another story that had this problem. 30 claps as soon as I posted it and no reading or viewing for at least two days.

Finally, some statuses appeared.

The reading rate seems low. The story I wrote about above has a 43% read rate. But hey, at least some statistics have appeared.

You can check out these stories here:

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