Cyberattacks on US airports amplify tensions between Israel and Hamas


Hacktivist groups Dark Strom Team and Anonymous Sudan have reportedly launched cyberattacks on U.S. airports, citing U.S. support for Israel in the ongoing conflict in Gaza as motivation.

On February 10, Anonymous Sudan allegedly launched a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack against the San Francisco International Airport, followed by the The Dark Strom Team claiming to target Los Angeles International Airport.

Both groups have explicitly voiced their grievances against U.S. policies, particularly financial support for Israel in the Gaza conflict.

Motivations behind cyberattacks on US airports

The message from Team Dark Storm read: “We’re back, we did it. DDoS attack at the Los Angeles airport in unbound status, we are the Dark Storm Team, we do not forgive, we do not forget,” underlines their determination to disrupt critical infrastructure.

Cyberattacks on US airports

Likewise, Anonymous Sudan Dark Web The message read: “We have launched a massive cyberattack against the critical infrastructure of one of America’s largest airports; San Francisco Airport,” directly linking their actions to U.S. support for Israel and its military actions. They highlight the intent to cause disruption beyond just targeting websites, aiming to impact entire airport infrastructure in order to hamper operations.

Cyberattacks on US airports

To verify the claim, the Cyber The Express team contacted the targeted airport authorities. However, at the time of writing, no response has been received, leaving this claim unverified.

Threatening Ultimatum: Threats Against Global Targets

Adding to the concern, on February 12, the Cyber ​​Express team reported that the Dark Storm team had issued a threatening ultimatum.

They warned of cyberattacks against government services and websites of NATO countries, Israel and countries aligned with Israeli interests. This alert emphasizes the group’s broader agenda to target entities perceived to support Israel.

Adding to the concern, on February 12, the Cyber ​​Express team had reported Team Dark Storm’s ultimatumthreatening cyber attacks against government services and websites of NATO countries, Israel and nations aligned with Israeli interests. The warning highlights the group’s broader agenda to target entities perceived as complicit in supporting Israel.

The sophistication and audacity of these cyberattacks against US airports highlights the increasing vulnerability of digital infrastructure to malicious actors. Dark Storm Team, renowned for its advances cyber war tactics and history of breaching high security systems, pose a significant threat to critical systems and operations.

Like the tensions between Israel and Hamas continues to intensify, the specter of cyberwar looms, highlighting the complex interplay between geopolitics and cyber security.

Events unfolding in cyberspace are a reminder of the evolving nature of conflict in the digital age and the imperative to proactive measures to mitigate cyber risks and protect critical systems and services.

Faced with these challenges, vigilance, resilience and collaboration are essential to safeguard the integrity and security of our interconnected world.

Only through concerted efforts can we effectively address the multifaceted threats posed by cyber adversaries and maintain the stability and resilience of our digital infrastructure.

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