Cyberattack on Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club claimed by hunters


The notorious Hunters ransomware group has reportedly claimed responsibility for the Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club cyberattack, adding the UK-based 4-star hotel to its list of victims.

The perpetrators, identified as the Hunters ransomware group, claimed to have breached the security of this facility.

Located near Edinburgh, the Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club boasts an impressive turnover of $13.0 million and a staff of 58 employees.

According to the threat actor, the intrusion began on the evening of February 10, 2024 and was later posted on Dark Web.

Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club cyberattack: what data was accessed?

Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club cyber attack
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The seriousness of the situation was further underlined by the revelation that the attackers had gained access to a staggering 949.4 GB of data, comprising a vast repository of 769,590 files. This attack on the Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club not only threatens the integrity of the sensitive information but also poses challenges to hotel operations and reputation.

The Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club, a distinguished 4-star hotel near Edinburgh, offers a range of luxurious amenities including premium accommodation, championship golf courses, fine dining experiences and wedding venues And events. However, the tranquility of this Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club cyberattack was disrupted by the looming specter of a cyberattack.

The Cyber ​​Express sought clarification on the situation by contacting the hotel for comment. However, at the time of publication, no official statement or response has been released by the Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club, leaving the claims regarding the cyberattack unverified.

The saga of the Hunters Ransomware group

The perpetrators of this attack, identified as Hunters International ransomware group, operate under the guise of Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS), a nefarious business model that facilitates cybercrime.

Appearing in the third quarter of 2023, Hunters International attracted attention due to the similarities between its code and that of the famous Hive ransomware strain. Although the group has denied any association with the Hive cartel, forensic analysis by cybersecurity researchers suggests an overlap in their methodologies.

Hunters International ransomware is designed with one main objective: to exfiltrate sensitive data from its targets and then extort them for ransom. Previous victims of their operations have reported file encryption and the placement of ransom notes containing instructions to contact the attackers on the website. Dark Web.

This Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club cyberattack is an ongoing story and The Cyber ​​Express will closely monitor the situation. We will update this article once we have more information about the Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club attack or any official statement from the hotel.

Media Disclaimer: This report is based on internal and external research obtained through various means. The information provided is for reference purposes only and users take full responsibility for their reliance on it. The Cyber ​​Express assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or consequences of the use of this information.

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