Strange experience with the City of Savannah’s utility bill | by Teri Radichel | Biting Bugs | February 2024


I owed $190 and suddenly I didn’t?

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I was just trying to pay my City of Savannah water bill.

The first time I logged in I received a page saying I owed $190.00. I was trying to pay it but I couldn’t because it said this page didn’t exist:

Well, this URL is a bit strange for a CSS page. But maybe it’s legitimate. I don’t know.

I thought maybe it happened because I blocked something with my laptop’s firewall, so I went to my phone and tried to check if I could see the page, but I typed something wrong.

OK, maybe I can just pay on my phone.

But when I tried to pay on my phone I was told there was nothing to pay.


So I go back to my computer to try to log in again and see if it says I owe $190 there. This is not the case. This returns to the page above.

But I had opened the page that said I owed $190, so I was going to try to pay with that. But before I could take a screenshot, I switched to this. Note that I’m seriously truncating the screenshot because it exposes too much sensitive data.

Well, I have a consulting call right now, so I’ll try again later. There may simply be a problem with the database. Hopefully it’s nothing more. Maybe this information will help someone in town solve the problem.

I’ll try to pay my bill later…

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