Alleged TeraGo cyberattack: Akira claims responsibility


The Akira ransomware group has claimed a new victim. This time, the unfortunate entity trapped in its digital web is Canadian company TeraGo, a provider of secure cloud services, data recovery and enterprise-grade Internet solutions for businesses across Canada.

The ransomware group brazenly posted a chilling message on the Dark Web regarding the alleged TeraGo cyberattack, announcing its infiltration of TeraGo’s systems.

The message ominously warns that 45GB of data, including customer agreements loaded with personal information and files containing financial data, will soon be uploaded for public viewing.

“TeraGo provides businesses across Canada with secure cloud services, data recovery and enterprise-grade Internet access. 45 GB of data will be downloaded soon. There you will find many customer contracts containing personal information. Many files containing financial information and everything a supplier can obtain from its customers”, Akira ransomware group the message is read.

TeraGo cyberattack
Source: Twitter

TeraGo Cyberattack: Fully Functional Website

Despite the TeraGo cyber attack Warning, a visit to the official website reveals the status quo, with all features intact.

No signs of foul play or cyberattacks on TeraGo are immediately apparent. However, if the ransomware group’s claims prove true, the implications could be profound and serious.

Compromise of sensitive customer agreements, personal information and financial data could not only jeopardize TeraGo’s reputation and trust among its customers, but could also result in significant financial losses and legal consequences.

Furthermore, the wider ramifications of cybersecurity practices across sectors could lead to increased surveillance and an urgent need for enhanced protective measures to mitigate future threats.

In a bid to verify the authenticity of the statement, the Cyber ​​Express team diligently contacted TeraGo officials. However, at the time of writing, no official response has been received, leaving the cyberattack ongoing. TeraGo the claim has not been verified and the extent of the violation is uncertain.

Previous Claims About Akira Ransomware Group Targets

This latest cyberattack on TeraGo by the Akira ransomware group follows a series of high-profile attacks. In January 2024, the denim landscape was shaken up when DENHAM the Jeanmaker, a renowned denim brand based in Amsterdam, was the victim of a cyber attack. Although DENHAM confirmed the attackthe involvement of the Akira ransomware group remains neither confirmed nor denied.

Likewise, during another incident, the Van Buren Public School in Belleville, Michigan, found itself in the crosshairs of the notorious ransomware group. The threat actor boldly claimed to have accessed sensitive public school information and bragged about his ill-gotten gains on the site. Dark web. However, the veracity of this claim awaits official confirmation from the authorities.

The recent addition of TeraGo to the Akira ransomware group’s victim list is a stark reminder of the ever-present threat cybercriminals pose to businesses and institutions around the world.

While TeraGo’s official website remains operational, the worrying message posted by the ransomware group on the dark web highlights the potential compromise of sensitive data and financial information.

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