Unlimited Weekly Immigration News Archive: January 26, 2024


USCIS fee hike could take effect in early 2024

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is about to implement meaningful measures changes to its pricing structure. The latest update from the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) indicates that the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) completed its review of the final USCIS fee rules on January 19, 2024. The final rule, which provides for substantial increases in immigration fees, was received by OIRA on January 8, 2024. Given that eight years have passed since the last fee adjustment, the administration could accelerate the finalization of this rule. Learn more in our USCIS Fee Guide.

Boundless CEO Featured in GeekWire’s Uncommon Thinkers Series

Boundless co-founder and CEO Xiao Wang was recently featured in GeekWire magazine’s “Uncommon Thinkers” series, which profiles entrepreneurs who are driving positive change in their industry and beyond.

Wang sat down with GeekWire to discuss Boundless’ mission to simplify the complex process of immigrating to the United States and make it more accessible to all potential immigrants. “If you learn too much about an issue and you really understand the need and the gap and the pain that it causes people, you get to a point where you can’t do anything anymore,” Wang said. “Especially when the problem is close to home.” Learn more here.

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U.S., Mexican government officials coordinate on border issues

High level talks between representatives of the American and Mexican governments began last week to address security concerns at the two countries’ shared border and how to crack down on migrant smuggling networks.

The United States has also announced its intention to support Guatemala, as border crossings of Guatemalan migrants have increased in recent months. “The United States stands ready to support the people of Guatemala and their new government on a wide range of issues, including economic development and the management of hemispheric migration,” said an official government statement.

New Florida bill targets ID cards for undocumented immigrants

A Florida Senate committee approved a Invoice it would prevent cities across the state from accepting IDs issued to undocumented immigrants.

The community ID cards in question were created to help undocumented immigrants navigate government processes, such as enrolling their children in school and interacting with law enforcement.

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