Mortgage, banking, legal and real estate industry security | by Teri Radichel | Cloud Security | February 2024


Stories about mortgage and property security

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⚙️ Part of my series on Automation of cybersecurity measures. THE Coded.

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I encountered a series of problems while trying to buy and sell a house and have documented them in these articles.

In fact, the situation at a bank serving the military community was so crazy that it felt like someone at the bank was trying to acquire the house I was trying to buy.

I eventually had to cash in some stocks and buy them with cash.

Here’s this whole twisted story – which really boils down to the need for more secure transactional systems for banks, real estate companies, lawyers and the IRS. I think the IRS systems have improved, but I still face the same banking issues every time I apply for a loan.

Having run an e-commerce business, worked on banking systems processing billions of dollars in assets under management, retail systems, tax processing systems, and for a cloud security team and security vendor , I can say with certainty that something was wrong with the systems involved in these transactions.

If you need help understanding how to design and build a secure banking system, schedule a call with me at IANS Search. You can also hire me for an assessment of any cloud-based systems you use via 2nd sight laboratory.

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