Before the average stats change… I was getting 35,000 views, approaching 40,000… | by Teri Radichel | Biting Bugs | January 2024


I was getting 35,000 views, approaching 40,000 views per month on Medium, but looking back, almost every month is under 30,000

Before Medium switched to this fuzzy chart (which I don’t like very much because I’m into precision and not fuzzy metrics), I was getting up to 35,000 views per month and was approaching 4Ok.

After this change, when I go back and look at my stats, every month is under 30,000 except for one – and this month is just over 30,000.

These statistics are very difficult to decipher and see how you are actually doing and whether your numbers are going up and down. I wish they would restore the old statistics.

But anyway, I can’t make a living from this site so I’m going to have to stop writing here as much. I just wanted to help people with some things that I see being implemented in a way that I personally wouldn’t choose and I wanted to write about it. I’ve also had to create software for personal use, so I thought I’d write about it in the process.

If the platform provided really good stats it might be worth it even if they don’t pay decently, but they don’t even do that. I kept writing about how I wished Medium provided more accurate and detailed statistics and, instead, it seemed to go in the opposite direction. Disappointment.

What is really the purpose of this platform? I keep asking myself that.

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