Added batch job configuration SSM setting for 2SL job execution framework | by Teri Radichel | Cloud Security | January 2024


ACM.439 Deploy a 2SL task execution environment — Step 2 — Add a task configuration parameter to deploy a single resource

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In the last article, I created a new batch job type for my job execution framework by adding a new repository, Dockerfile, and file.

In this article, I want to define an SSM parameter with configuration for my batch job so that I can use the value of this parameter for the CloudFormation template parameters and the job execution environment arguments.

Add a job configuration parameter SSM that looks like this:



Add this command to in your job:
deploy /job/awsenvinit/root-admin/organizations-organizationalunit-dev

Future: just pass that above job parameter name into the awsdeploy container

The 2nd Sight Lab Job Execution Framework does the rest.

SSM Settings for Task Configurations Revisited

I’ve already explained how to use SSM settings for task configuration here.

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