Why many CISOs are considering leaving cybersecurity – Security Week with Tony Anscombe



The job of a CISO is becoming increasingly stressful as cybersecurity leaders face overwhelming workloads and growing concerns about personal liability in the event of security breaches.

The job of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is becoming increasingly stressful, to the point that some security managers are seeking quieter career paths. In fact, up to 46% of CISOs are considering abandoning cybersecurity, according to one study. recent survey. This comes as CISOs are increasingly under legal scrutiny and may be held personally responsible for successful attacks and data breaches hitting their companies amid new regulations and other developments that include SEC Rules around the obligation to report significant cybersecurity incidents and risk management processes.

What kinds of implications might these developments have for businesses, boards of directors and, of course, the security industry? Find out in the video.

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