Unlimited Weekly Immigration News Archive: January 12, 2024


State Department extends interview waivers for nonimmigrant visas

The US Department of State update their eligibility requirements for non-immigrants visa interview waivers, meaning more applicants can now obtain their visa without attending an interview.

Under the new guidelines, people applying for a nonimmigrant visa, including those applying for a student visasmay be eligible for a visa interview waiver if they have previously issued a nonimmigrant visa (excluding Visa B) and apply within 48 months of the expiration of their last visa.

DOJ threatens to sue Texas over latest immigration law

The Department of Justice (DOJ) threatened to sue Texas over the latest law on state bordersSenate Bill 4, which would allow state and local law enforcement to arrest and detain any suspected undocumented immigrant.

The DOJ says the law is unconstitutional, as immigration enforcement should be a federal matter. Senate Bill 4 is expected to take effect in March.

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Biden’s immigration approval rating hits record high

A new survey of CBS News found that only 32% of Americans approve of President Biden’s border and immigration policies, an unprecedented level.

The poll, of 2,157 U.S. adults, largely reflects the Biden administration’s recent struggles to manage the influx of migrants and make significant progress on immigration reform.

One year after USCIS fee increase proposal

It’s now been a year since the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) released a proposal to increase immigration costs for almost all visa categories. The new fees have not yet come into effect.

Once finalized, the fee increases will likely have a significant impact on the family and business immigration systems as a whole. Experts say the new fees could take effect as soon as early 2024. For more, see our update on the fee hike. job.

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