Ohio Lottery Data Breach Update Advises Financial Oversight


The Ohio Lottery recently made an official announcement confirming a cybersecurity incident that occurred last December. This statement provides details about the Ohio Lottery data breach, highlighting unauthorized access to customer and retailer data that occurred on December 24.

The lottery recognized that the recent cyberattack was associated with a ransomware group and involved significant data theft. Although the gaming system continued to operate, critical systems were briefly shut down as a containment precaution.

Ticket sales remained uninterrupted, but information on winning numbers and specific jackpots was not accessible on either the website or app.

Thanks to the Ohio Lottery cyber attack, mobile cash app and Super Retailer locations are still unable to process online price claims exceeding $599. Prizes up to $599 can still be redeemed at retail locations, while prizes over $600 must be mailed to the Ohio Lottery Central Office for processing.

On December 27, DragonForce took credit for the attack, claiming to have stolen more than 600 GB of data. This data breach allegedly included employee and player files, containing sensitive information such as names, addresses, earnings, dates of birth and social security numbers.

The data breach is still under investigation. The attack involved device encryption and data theft. The lottery is actively working to restore full services.

To keep the public informed, the Ohio Lottery urged its customers and retailers to exercise caution in their credit activities while the investigation is ongoing. As a precaution, they advise individuals to diligently monitor their account statements for any signs of fraudulent or irregular transactions.

Ohio Lottery Data Breach Update

To improve the protection of personal information, customers are encouraged to consider placing a fraud alert or security freeze on their credit reports. THE Ohio Lottery has provided contact information for major credit reporting agencies, including Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, where individuals can take these preventative measures.

Equifax can be contacted via their website. Experian can be reached at their website. TransUnion can be contacted via their website.

To ease concerns, the organization pointed out that the Ohio Lottery data breach has not affected any lottery games or their core technology systems. Reassuring customers of the continued security of ticket purchases, the lottery said winners of prizes over $599 can still claim their winnings by mailing their tickets to the Ohio Lottery central office in Cleveland or through the mobile app of the Ohio Lottery.

The lottery is actively working to reinstate all cashout options for customers, and individuals have 180 days to claim their prizes from the draw date or scheduled scratch card closing date. .

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