Vacuum training cyberattack: Rhysida’s unverified claims


Ransomware group Rhysida has reportedly claimed responsibility for an Aspiration Training cyberattack on its dark web portal. Adding the award-winning specialist training provider to its list of victims, the threat actor’s disturbing message, reading “Aspiration Training LTD – 6 days 23:02:38”, increases pressure on the company as the deadline approaching in less than a week. .

Despite allegations of a cyberattack on Aspiration Training, a visit to the Aspiration Training website reveals that it remains operational with no apparent signs of a cyberattack. This discrepancy raises questions about the nature and extent of the alleged breach. Even if the threat actor suggests an urgent situation, the lack of proprietary information or sample data leaves room for skepticism.

Alleged claims of vacuum training cyberattack

Aspiration Training Cyber ​​Attack
Source: Twitter

A plausible scenario is that the threat actors target the website’s backend, possibly taking control of the database. However, without official confirmation of Training by aspirationsit is difficult to verify the accuracy of these claims.

The Cyber ​​Express, in search of the truth, contacted Aspiration Training for an official statement regarding the alleged cyberattack. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, no response has been received, leaving Aspiration Training’s claims cyber attack remain unverified.

The threat actor’s message highlights their intention to sell proprietary data related to Aspiration Training. The message, published on the Dark web, says: “With only 7 days left, take the opportunity to bid on exclusive, unique and impressive data. We only sell one hand, no resale, you will be the sole owner! @DarkWebInformer Price: 1 BTC. Leave your email and comment. We can’t respond if your price looks like a joke.

The Rhysida Ransomware group: recent cyberattacks

This incident echoes previous cyberthreats where the Rhysida ransomware group targeted high-profile entities like the British National Library And Insomniac games. In both cases, the threat actors imposed a 7-day deadline, creating an urgency to comply with the ransom demands.

The National British Library incident involved a similar message from the the Pirates, encouraging potential buyers to bid on exclusive data without specifying the nature of the information. The data, purportedly available for 20 BTC, has raised concerns about the potential exposure of sensitive information.

THE Insomniac Games Cybersecurity Incident, linked to Rhysida ransomware, has attracted attention on the dark web. The threat actor claimed to have accessed a large amount of data, increasing concerns within the cybersecurity community. However, it is crucial to note that, as of now, the Insomniac Games cyberattack remains unverified, highlighting the importance of accurate information when navigating. data breach dark web claims and claims.

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