Prove that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay/studies


1. A positive travel story

A positive travel history is a great way to show that you can be trusted to leave Canada after your studies. This strategy is useful if you have visited several countries and have an excellent track record of meeting visa expiration dates.

2. Job/Career

IRCC agents want to prevent people from coming to Canada and working there illegally. For this reason, they might reject Canadian study permit applicants who are currently unemployed.

You can avoid this problem by demonstrating your employment with a company or business in your home country. This includes providing a letter from your employer stating that you are taking temporary leave to pursue studies in Canada and that you intend to return to work afterward.

3. Real estate ownership

Showing your property is a great way to show your intention to return to your home country. This is because property has value and most people are not willing to give up these assets to live illegally in another country. For this reason, you may provide mortgage documents or land deeds with your application.

4. Investments

Showing investment records is also a great way to demonstrate your ties to your home country. This shows that you have funds tied up in different places in your home country and you are not ready to leave them behind by fleeing to Canada on a student visa.

You can submit any investment statement for this purpose. This includes:

  • Bank statements
  • Financial investments
  • Business investments

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5. Spouse and children

Demonstrating that you have a spouse and children in your home country is a great way to convince an officer that you will leave Canada when you finish your studies. After all, people don’t want to abandon their families to pursue a new life in another country.

If applicable, you can show proof of your spouse and children by providing a marriage certificate and the birth certificates of your children.

6. Other family ties

You still demonstrate other family ties if you are not married or have children. For example, you can show that your parents or siblings in your home country need care. This approach will be more convincing if you can demonstrate that there is no one to care for them.

7. Business

Owning a business is one of the best ways to convince Canadian immigration agents that you intend to stay temporarily in Canada. This is because businesses are huge investments and most people will not allow something they have invested so much money and effort into to close its doors in their absence.

You can prove that you own a business by providing the following with your application:

  • Company ownership documents
  • Tax returns
  • Business Incorporation Documents
  • Document detailing the structure of your business

8. Membership and participation

If you are a member of various organizations in your community, you may be able to use this as proof of your intention to return to your home country. For example, you might be a lead organizer of a prominent charitable group or co-founder of a minority rights group.

9. Strong passport

Having a strong passport is a simple method that requires no additional effort. Due to the significance of this passport, people with a strong passport have a high chance of obtaining a Canadian study permit.

The strength of a passport demonstrates the conditions of the issuing country and whether people are more likely to immigrate or emigrate from it. For example, countries like Singapore and Japan have the strongest passports in the world. It is therefore unlikely that nationals of these countries will have their Canadian study permit applications rejected.

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