PNP for Truck Drivers in Canada


“Is there a special PNP for truck drivers in Canada?

Yes, there are several PNP options available for different types of truck drivers, primarily in the Transport Truck Driver category CNP TEER Code 73300. Provinces like British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Alberta have added transport truck drivers to their lists of high-demand professions.

Truck drivers are the backbone of the Canadian economy. Even if they only compose approximately 5% of the population, they contribute significantly to Canada’s GDP. Being able to deliver goods across Canada is an essential aspect of the Canadian economy that needs support to grow.

Are you a truck driver looking for the right PNP program? If yes, keep reading and find out the best 7 PNP Options for Truck Drivers in Canada.

You can apply for the Beginner and Semi-skilled category of BC PNP for Truck Drivers. British Columbia invites applicants to apply for this category approximately every two weeks. The majority of candidates in this category fall under CNP TEER 73300. To obtain permanent residence as a truck driver under British Columbia Provincial Nominee Programyou must meet the following conditions:

  • Intends to live in British Columbia.
  • Economic benefit to British Columbia.
  • Minimum language requirements (NCLC 4).
  • Valid immigration status in Canada.
  • Signed job offer letter for full-time employment.
  • High school diploma obtained in Canada or abroad.
  • Two years of work experience as a long distance truck driver in the last three years.

THE SINP Long Distance Truck Driver Project is a unique program under the Saskatchewan PNP for truck drivers. Long-haul truck drivers are allowed to drive up to 11 hours. However, the driver must stop for at least 30 minutes after eight hours of driving. If you want to apply for SINP as a long-distance truck driver, you must:

  • Have a temporary work permit of at least six months.
  • A positive Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Service Canada must be required for licensure.
  • The Government of Saskatchewan must approve the trucking company you work for.
  • A permanent full-time position.
  • Possess a Saskatchewan Class 1A license.
  • Reach the minimum language proficiency level NCLC 4 or higher.
  • Have a valid SINP employment approval letter.

The PCNB has created a course adapted to CNP TEER 73300 which helps employers support new drivers. This special PNP program for truck drivers falls under the New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream and is effective from March 1, 2022.

You can permanently move to Nova Scotia as a truck driver with Occupations in demand component under the NS PNP. Additionally, transport truck drivers are in high demand in the Nova Scotia job market. You can apply in this category if you:

  • have a permanent, full-time job offer from an employer in Nova Scotia
  • 21 and 55 years old
  • have one year of job-related professional experience
  • have a high school diploma
  • have the necessary training, skills and/or accreditation for the position;
  • have NCLC level 4 language skills
  • sufficient financial resources to live comfortably in Nova Scotia.

In-demand skills component of the POCI helps truckers live and work in Canada. It is open to foreign workers in Canada and abroad. Here are the eligibility requirements for truck drivers wishing to apply for a PNP in Ontario:

  • A job offer with a full-time, permanent position.
    Expression of interest and invitation to apply
  • At least nine months of full-time work experience while legally living and working in Ontario three years prior to application submission.
  • Must have an Ontario driver’s license and nine months of experience.
  • Minimum language proficiency CLB 4 or higher.
  • At least a secondary school diploma or qualification, or its equivalent in another country (ECA required for education abroad).
  • Intention to live in Ontario
  • Legal status in Canada (if applicable)

The truck driver component of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) falls under the Manitoba Skilled Worker Stream (SWM) and the Skilled Worker Abroad (SWO) Stream. Long-haul truck drivers must meet all of the following eligibility requirements:

  • Age: Must be between 21 and 50 years old.
  • Education: Have at least a high school diploma.
  • Professional experience: At least three years of documented, continuous, verifiable work experience as a long-haul truck driver within the last five years in a jurisdiction where training, licensing and/or regulation of truck drivers are comparable to North American standards.
  • Proof of work experience: Proof of work experience (reference letters, salary deposits, financial transactions and/or tax returns showing the entire period of employment declared).
  • Language level: Minimum language level NCLC 5.
  • Funds: Sufficient funds to settle in Canada.
  • Interview: In-person or video interview, employer verification.
  • Immigration representatives: Details of immigration representatives involved in the recruitment process (LMIA, Temporary Work Permit, MPNP process).

Prince Edward Island Occupations in demand component of the PEI PNP And Essential Worker Component of the PEI PNP allow truckers to apply for permanent residency in Canada. To apply for in-demand occupations in Prince Edward Island, you must:

  • Have an offer of full-time, permanent work from a Prince Edward Island employer that is not seasonal.
  • have at least one year of relevant work experience;
  • aged 18 to 59;
  • have at least a secondary school diploma (high school);
  • provide a legitimate language test result from an IRCC approved testing center with a minimum score of
  • Level 4 CLB/NCLC for language proficiency;
  • have enough money to cover immigration costs for you and your family, including travel costs.
  • the possibility for a family to settle in Prince Edward Island and
  • intends to settle in Prince Edward Island.

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