I love your QA team. They prevent customers like me from… | by Teri Radichel | Cloud Security | December 2023


They prevent customers like me from finding YOUR bugs in production

In the last article, I talked about importing default components deployed outside of CloudFormation when you create a new VPC so that you can monitor and manage them from CloudFormation.

Now, as I try to work away from this blog so I can get back to blogging, I have to stop and write a very quick post about something that is currently slowing me down and has led me to some memories that might help people companies and developers to improve the quality of their products and their code. The quality of your code and products affects everyone if you produce tools that other people use to do their jobs.

Please feel free to pass this along to people to help them understand the importance of QA in your organization!

Why you should love your QA team

When I was leading a team that was doing a cloud deployment, there was initially conflict between my main DevOps manager and my main QA manager. The DevOps person came from an IT background and wasn’t used to people testing their work. He was so super smart that any discovery of a problem in his work was considered an insult, I think.

I mean, the guy was incredibly intelligent.

But so was the person responsible for quality assurance. He was very particular Additionally, while the DevOps person could solve problems at lightning speed and implement a solution – much like I was – people accused me of moving too fast, except this guy was probably smarter than me. But the DevOps manager would move so fast that he would miss things.

The quality assurance person would find them.

I tend to move quickly when I’m fleshing out an idea or trying to do something in a hurry. I’ve been known to annoy quality control people when I’m in a hurry. 😁 Sorry. Too many bugs.

That’s the beauty of quality control. You can go fast, but someone else can come along who is very detailed and finds…

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