Add warning in AWS console and CloudFormation output for name server mismatch | by Teri Radichel | Biting Bugs | December 2023


I spent way too much time on something simple

One simple thing AWS could do to save people a lot of angst is to add a warning when creating a new hosted zone that the new name server records do not match or exist at what is in the parent area.

For example, if a customer deletes and re-adds the Route 53 hosted zone, the NS records change. This is probably a good thing to prevent the possibility of recreating the zone in a malicious account that matches existing NS records and allows an attacker to create a subdomain on a domain that they don’t own.

But no matter how it happens, CloudFormation, AWS CLI, or the console issues a warning that there is an incompatibility with the parent zone and/or domain and tells the client what needs to be updated.

Also add this warning in the AWS console so that if the customer is troubleshooting and logs in, they know exactly how to resolve it.

This also applies if a customer deletes and re-adds the hosted zone for the apex domain. In this case, the customer must update the NS records in which the domain is registered, whether on AWS or elsewhere.

It’s an easy thing to look up and add a warning in the console to fix and will probably save people tons of time and headaches based on my own experiences.

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