ESET Research Podcast: Neanderthals, mammoths and faxes


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ESET researchers discuss the dynamics within and between different groups of scammers who use a Telegram bot called Telekopye to scam people in online marketplaces.

ESET Research Podcast: Neanderthals, mammoths and faxes

In this episode of our podcast, ESET malware researchers talk about the dynamics within and between different groups of Neanderthals, the techniques this horde of scammers use to find and select the best mammoths for hunting, and most importantly due to the fact that Neanderthals taught each other how to use Telekopye. Effectively.

Although this might seem like a strange topic for a cybersecurity podcast, quite the contrary. Telekopye is the name of a highly automated malware toolkit implemented in the form of a Telegram bot that cybercriminals use to deceive unsuspecting users in online marketplaces.

During nearly 40 minutes of discussion, ESET Malware researchers Radek Jizba And Jakub Souček explain to the host and ESET Distinguished Researcher Arye Goretski why they chose the name Telekopye and how it connects to Neanderthal and Mammoth nomenclature.

ESET experts also analyze the specific features offered by Telekopye and the different types of scams it facilitates, while discovering the geographic areas targeted by these Neanderthals and how they select their victims. The researchers also present the knowledge they gained from infiltrating Neanderthal groups, revealing their business structure with strict hierarchies, promotions, training materials and taxes. The success rate and payment structure of Telekopye are also discussed.

This episode offers invaluable information on how to spot and mitigate these market scams. If you want to avoid being scammed in your next online exchange, be sure to listen and have your notepad ready.

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