Unable to open Burp Browser. I had a problem when I click on Burp’s… | by Teri Radichel | Biting Bugs | December 2023


I had a problem where clicking the Burp browser button did nothing and no errors in the diagnostic logs – here’s how I solved it

I had a strange issue where the Burp Browser worked on one machine but not on another with what appeared to be the same configuration.

I have read many issues on the Burp support site, but have not resolved the issue.

Here is what I did to resolve this issue.

I went to settings.

I changed the folders where the browser stores data to the same drive I installed Burp on.

I unchecked the GPU box (which I read about in a support ticket.) But I don’t think that’s related. I checked this box again after fixing the problem and the browser works fine so far.

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