Ratan Tata’s Deepfake Video Raises Concerns Over Investment Scams


Deepfake videos are emerging persistently, targeting notable figures around the world. Today, esteemed industrialist and former chairman of the Tata Group, Ratan Tata, is a victim of misuse of his identity in fraudulent investment schemes circulating on online platforms.

The industrialist has come forward to alert the public about a deepfake video of Ratan Tata in which his identity is being misused for online investment scams.

In an Instagram post, Tata called the video “fake”, pointing out that user Sona Agrawal had shared a fake interview featuring him. The video deceptively promoted investment opportunities, falsely claiming Tata’s participation in the project.

Ratan Tata’s Deepfake Video Raises Concerns

Deepfake video of Ratan Tata
Source: Twitter

In the deceptive Ratan Tata deepfake images, Sona Agrawal was introduced as Tata’s manager, accompanied by a caption reinforcing the false narrative, stating: “A recommendation from Ratan Tata for everyone in India.” This is your chance to leverage your investment today, risk-free and with a 100% guarantee. Access the channel now.

Additionally, the deepfake video featured alleged testimonies from individuals claiming to have received substantial amounts of money through this alleged investment Street.

Expressing his disapproval and intention to alert the public, Tata unequivocally called the video “FALSE,” emphasizing his stance on a screenshot of the misleading caption.

The prevalence of Ratan Tata’s deepfake video highlights the growing threat of online scamswhich is reminiscent of similar investment scams targeting influential figures such as the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk.

This problem extends beyond the realm of Bollywood celebrities and politicians as business tycoons like Ratan Tata find themselves facing the same problems.

Deepfake video of Ratan Tata leading to investment scams

Ratan Tata, Indian industrialist, philanthropist and former chairman of Tata Sons, used his social media platform to express his stance on the alleged deepfake video.

In his Instagram post, Tata called out the user for using a fake interview to recommend investments. He categorically raised a false alarm, denouncing the misuse of his name on social networks to lure individuals into what he considered to be a risk-free and 100% guaranteed investment.

This incident highlights the pervasive nature of deepfake technologies, sparing no one, from actors to politicians and now, even high-profile entrepreneurs like Ratan Tata.

The urgency of resolving this issue is clear, with Tata’s public denunciation making clear that strict guidelines and sanctions must be established for individuals engaging in such deceptive practices.

As the threat of deepfake videos continues to evolve, it becomes crucial for authorities to implement measures that protect the public from these sophisticated videos. deepfake scams.

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