What happens when you change the parent ID of an organizational unit CloudFormation stack? | by Teri Radichel | Cloud Security | December 2023


ACM.410 Explore Implementing the AWS Organizations Organizational Unit Hierarchy: Do Your Service Control Policies Still Apply?

My last article shows how to recursively query the ID associated with an AWS organizational unit.

In this article, I want to look at an issue that may arise in your account when deploying organizational units with CloudFormation stacks.

Remember this is the OR structure I wanted to create:

But it seems I made a mistake because nonprod should be deploying and it ended up at a higher level under orgadmin.

So how can I solve this problem?

Well, what happens if I just redeploy the resource after fixing the deployment script to pass the correct parent name? What will it do?

I correct the name of the parent OU in the nonprod deployment script:

Now, instead of redeploying all my OUs with my all script, I can deploy only this single OU.

That’s the beauty of micro-patterns.

I am redeploying my non-production OU:

While I’m here, I’m replacing this ugly code:

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