UWEcyber students and CyberWomen@UWE support Cynam EmPowerCyber ​​to inspire 1000 Year 8 schoolgirls


The recent ‘EmpowerCyber ​​2023’ cyber awareness event, hosted by Cynam in Gloucester, brought together 1,000 Year 8 schoolgirls from across the region and was supported by 30 different industry partners.

The event aims to spark curiosity and allow young girls to explore the incredible opportunities offered by the world of cybersecurity, opportunities that they may not have otherwise considered. This aims to address the digital skills gap in the UK and work towards better representation of women in the cyber workforce.

The UWECyber ​​team, supported by our BSc Cyber ​​Security and Digital Forensics and MSc Cyber ​​Security students, organized a “Future Funfair” event. The event uses Lego-based fairground rides where students can investigate and mitigate simulated attacks on cyber-physical systems. These scenarios highlight the importance of cybersecurity in everyday technology, from protecting personal data to protecting national infrastructure.


Additionally, the CyberWomen@UWE group organized a crypto-based murder mystery event. This challenging and exciting activity immersed the girls in the world of digital research, decrypting messages and solving cyber puzzles. This was a powerful demonstration of how cyber skills can be applied in creative and critical thinking scenarios.

The involvement of 30 different industry partners was instrumental in the success of EmpowerCyber ​​2023. Their contributions offered valuable insights into real-world applications of cyber and STEM skills, presenting a wide range of career opportunities in these fields. This industry collaboration has also highlighted the growing need for skilled professionals in the cybersecurity sector.

The UWE Cyber ​​team
Supporting students

Through initiatives such as EmpowerCyber ​​2023, cyber awareness activities play a vital role in closing the gender gap in STEM and cyber fields. By sparking the interest of young girls at a crucial stage of their education, this event laid the foundation for a generation of empowered, cybersecurity-aware women, ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow’s technological landscape.

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