Science History Institute data leak exposes 22GB of data


The NoEscape ransomware group has listed the Science History Institute on its dark web portal. The Science History Institute shares stories of important scientific developments and the people behind them.

The Philadelphia-based institution’s museum and library were reportedly hacked in the Science History Institute data breach. THE Cyber Express Team has reached out to the Science History Institute to gather more details about this alleged violation, but no official response has yet been received.

Data leak from the Institute of History of Science

A snapshot of NoEscape Ransomware GroupThe post claims that they successfully obtained 22 GB of data from the Science History Institute.

This violation was shared on their Dark Web portal on November 26, 2023, receiving 69 views, as revealed by cybersecurity enthusiast Dominic Alvieri.

Data leak from the Institute of History of Science

The screenshot also indicates that the next update regarding the Science History Institute data leak will be published after 1 day, 23 hours, 23 minutes and 04 seconds.

The data leak at the Science History Institute is not the only breach jeopardizing databases linked to individuals’ identities. THE 23andme data breachrevealing the genetic details of millions of individuals of Jewish and Chinese origin, presents a significant risk of identity theft for those affected.

About NoEscape Ransomware Group

NoEscape ransomware group first appeared in May 2023. This is a group that offers ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS). NoEscape is considered a rebrand of Avaddon.

NoEscape uses double extortion attacks to target businesses. These attacks target Linux, Windows, and VMware ESXi systems with the aim of encrypting files and stealing data. NoEscape is limited to operating systems that support Windows NT 10.0.

Possibilities after the data leak from the Institute of History of Science

THE Institute of History of Science Data breach can lead to various problems, such as identity theft, monetary losses, and serious damage to the reputation of the institution. The institution may face operational disruptions, increased cybersecurity spending, and potential legal repercussions, including regulatory fines. Individuals face the possibility of fraud and privacy breaches after the Science History Institute data leak.

The Science History Institute data breach may have far-reaching societal implications beyond financial and operational impacts, putting the institution’s vital infrastructure at risk.

The Science History Institute data breach, which includes the extraction of 22 GB of sensitive data, poses significant risks such as identity theft, monetary losses and damage to the institute’s reputation.

After that ?

Given the evolving cyber threat landscape, this data breach highlights the importance of robust cybersecurity measures, ongoing employee training and the development of comprehensive incident response plans. The potential consequences extend beyond the financial and operational realms, threatening the very infrastructure of the Institute for the History of Science and impacting society at large.

Strict cybersecurity measures, employee training, and the creation of thorough incident response plans are necessary to mitigate the risks of data breaches. It is essential that institutions foster a strong cybersecurity culture to protect confidential data and maintain stakeholder trust.

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