400,000 users exposed, says Cyber ​​Toufan


After claiming cyberattacks against various Israeli organizations, the relatively new cybercriminal group, Cyber ​​Toufan, has now claimed responsibility for the recent attacks. Ikea Data breach in Israel.

In a post titled “Day Four, Leak Two” on the dark web, the hacker collective identified the famous furniture retail giant, alleging possession of Ikea user information as a result of the alleged Ikea Israel data breach.

“Tonight’s drop is part of Ikea Israel’s user chart, with over 400,000 users. Names, numbers, hashes (Passwords). Emails”, read the message on the Dark Web job.

The alleged claims made by Cyber Toufan has not yet been substantiated. Cyber ​​Express team got in touch to verify the alleged Ikea Israel data breach and awaits their response for further confirmation.

Cyber ​​Toufan targets Israel, claims data breach at Ikea Israel

In its post, the cybercriminal gang further stated that it is carrying out cyberattacks to avenge the war between Israel and Hamas, which has been going on for over 47 days now. The attacks, according to pirate collectives, are carried out as an act of revenge for the death of children and the Israeli occupation of their land.

cyber toufan ikea israel violation
Screenshot of Cyber ​​Toufan Ikea Israel breach update from the Dark Web, Credit: @FalconFeedsio on ‘X’

“As long as the war continues, we will continue to strike every day and every night. We will continue to give gifts to those who want to avenge the death of our children, the occupation of our lands and the expulsion of our brothers and sisters from their homes,” the message read.

The Cyber ​​Toufan Ikea Israel breach is also part of the series of vengeful cyberattacks. According to an update, “the newly formed Cyber ​​Toufan Operations group has been targeting Israeli-backed entities.”

“They claimed responsibility for the breach from several organizations, including Max Security (a cybersecurity and geo-intelligence company), the Israel Innovation Authority, Radware (another cybersecurity company), the National Archives of Israeli government and Shefa Online, a service based in Israel. said a tweet from Falcon Feeds.

Simultaneously, the Israel Innovation Authority (formerly known as Israel’s Chief Scientific Office) was also reportedly a victim at the hands of the group. The Israel Innovation Authority supports the Israeli government in promoting industrial research and development in the country.

Facing Cyber ​​Toufan GroupDue to Ikea Israel’s reprehensible actions, the Ikea Israel data breach is a stark reminder of the far-reaching impact of cyber warfare. Beyond claiming to compromise the personal data of more than 400,000 users, the group’s motivations seem anchored in a worrying context of geopolitical conflict, since they claim to avenge the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

Cyber ​​attackspositioned as acts of revenge for the loss of innocent lives and perceived occupation, highlight the intersection of technology, politics and human suffering.

The situation highlights the critical need to strengthen cybersecurity measures, international cooperation and diplomatic efforts to address the root causes of these cyber threats and promote a safer digital environment for all.

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