Some Interesting AWS IP and VPC Announcements | by Teri Radichel | Cloud Security | November 2023


How do you currently manage your IP address ranges and ASNs?

Amazon VPC IP Address Manager now automates IP address assignment for VPC subnets

I’ve written in previous articles about some of the issues with managing IP ranges for Capital One during the time I was responsible for this process. I haven’t used this AWS service yet but maybe in the future. I don’t have a very large network but it would be interesting to post something about this if I ever have time. Depending on implementation, this and some associated policies could have avoided some of the challenges I faced in this role. 😊

Amazon VPC IP Address Manager adds a free tier of features, including AWS Organization-wide Public IP Insights

If you’ve been hesitant to try this service, it now offers a free tier. I am very interested in information on public intellectual property. So much to explore, so little time! With some of the recently announced vulnerabilities affecting all public hosts using affected technologies, this service could help you find and update public hosts if it works as I think. Additionally, you can reduce your public exposure by analyzing this data.

Amazon VPC IP Address Manager now lets you bring your own ASN to AWS

Some larger companies may be interested in this option to bring your own ASN to AWS. If you don’t know what an ASN is, you probably don’t need one, but companies that use ASNs might be interested.

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