How to Write the Best Job Description When Hiring a Foreign Worker


In the immigrant visa application process, it is crucial that employers develop detailed and specific job descriptions to avoid processing delays and unexpected costs. The inclusion of vague terms or “soft skills” (e.g., “good communication” and “enthusiastic collaborator”) may result in challenges from the government in the form of Requests for evidence (RFE) or audits.

Although developing a solid job description takes time and effort, finalized descriptions can become an integral part of your broader immigration strategy. Not only do they minimize delays, but they also allow your company to establish solid dockets that can be used as a reference for future immigration cases. Here are some tips for developing the best job description for immigration purposes.

Specific tasks

Employers should articulate 5-7 specific tasks that describe specific actions, detail the technical aspects of the position, and maintain clarity. This helps the immigration officer determine if the job qualifies for the immigration benefit being sought. Employers can refer to resources such as the Career Outlook Handbook or the O*NET Summary Report to understand typical job duties and degree fields required for similar roles.

Training and experience

Integrate education and experience requirements into job duties. The candidate should naturally appear to be the ideal choice for the position without explicitly stating it. For example, if the position is for a marketing manager, the job duties should specify marketing-related duties, making it clear that a degree in marketing or a closely related field is required.


Avoid using soft skills such as “energetic,” “intellectually curious,” and “imaginative” in job descriptions for employment-based visas. Instead, focus on technical skills when writing job duties. For example, rather than stating that the marketing manager will “work well as a team player,” specify tasks that require collaboration, such as “consult with product development staff on product specifications” or “collaborate with developers, advertisers or production managers to market products or services.

Here is an example of a solid job description:

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