Unlimited Weekly Immigration News: November 3, 2023


New executive order from Biden AI to ease immigration barriers

President Biden sign an executive order on artificial intelligence Monday to make it easier for the United States to attract foreign AI talent and increase American competitiveness.

Specific proposals include streamlining the renewal process for J-1 and F-1 visa holders, modernizing H-1B visa rules, updating the J-exchange visitor skills list 1 to address skills gaps and the creation of a global AI talent attraction program.

Mayors of five major cities seek to meet with Biden on migrants

Mayors of five major US cities are urging President Biden to meet to discuss the growing influx of migrants.

They say they haven’t received enough federal aid and are seeking $5 billion in funding, arguing that municipal budgets and local taxpayers are bearing the brunt.

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Immigration advocates urge Biden administration to grant work permit extensions

Immigration advocates have called on the Biden administration to grant an immediate extension of expired work permits.

In 2022, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) implemented a policy granting an additional 540 days of work authorization to expired immigrants. Work Authorization Documents (EAD). With the end of this policy, hundreds of thousands of immigrants risk losing their work permits.

US Federal Court drops Texas migrant transport lawsuit

A US federal appeals court in New Orleans ruled in favor of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, decision that immigration advocates lacked the legal authority to sue the state over its migrant transportation program.

The state of Texas also faces an ongoing lawsuit from the Biden administration over the installation of large buoys in the Rio Grande intended to deter migrants from crossing the region.

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