Inconsistencies in AWS IAM Access Advisor | by Teri Radichel | Biting Bugs | October 2023


PS I love this feature

I look at the IAM Access Advisor and see that the user has accessed services that they have never accessed.

So I say to myself, huh? Ok, let’s see what he accessed. Maybe it was just looking at a console page that was somehow querying this service with read-only access.

So I click on Management Actions Allowed for Amazon RDS. Nothing.

I can’t click on Redshift at all – I hope that happens soon. #awswishlist

Lambda – list functions? Maybe I clicked on it by mistake?

Systems Manager: Nothing.

Looks like there’s a problem here. I want to create a policy with the necessary permissions based on this list, but this user has absolutely not used some of the services listed here. I love this feature and hope AWS continues to work on improving it so that it is 100% accurate and works for all services soon.

Hopefully this will be fixed soon and perhaps a distinction can be made between console and non-console access. #awswishlist

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