Connect to Cableguard VPN today. It’s easy! | by Vicente Aceituno Canal | October 2023


It’s easy!

Noise Protocol Models

You should be able to use Linux from the command line

A Linux computer.

Download Cableguard wg-tools and Cableguard TUN with the following commands:

  • wget
  • wget

and install them with:

  • sudo apt install ./cableguard-cli_0.90.15.deb
  • sudo apt installer ./cgtools_0.90.11_amd64.deb

add the following lines to your .bashrc file:

  • export BLOCKCHAIN_ENV=”main network”
  • export NEAR_ENV=”main network”
  • export NFTCONTRACTID=cableguard-org.near

Now generate a NEAR protocol address with:

  • mkdir ~/.near-credentials/mainnet
  • wg gen account

list the account with:

  • ls ~/.near-credentials/mainnet/*.json

you now need to get a RODiT sent to this address. To get one, you must use the tip button below and provide your computer address in the subject line of an email to

I will send you 10 RODiTs as soon as possible, so you can share them with your peers.

As RODiT can currently only be managed from the command line, you must install it with this command:

For a list of how to use it, run:

  • ./cgwallet/ help

You can check which RODiTs you own, send them to others and create accounts. New accounts must be initialized from existing NEAR Protocol wallets before they can be used.

To connect to a server, you must run these commands:

  • sudo cableguard-cli ~/.near-credentials/mainnet/ACCOUNTID.json
  • sudo wg show (this displays TUNNAME)
  • sudo ip link configure TUNNAME

And you are connected to the VPN server!

I will release additional test VPN servers and you can connect with:

  • sudo wg set TUNNAME subdomain-peer
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