Unlimited Weekly Immigration News Archive: October 13, 2023


Biden criticized for border wall expansion

The critics have slammed President Biden’s plans to expand a border wall in South Texas, accusing him to return to a campaign promise and returning to Trump-era tactics to curb the migrant crisis.

“The walls don’t work…President Biden promised he wouldn’t build them,” said Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke. wrote on social media platform instead of a powerless political posture. »

Biden administration to resume expulsion of Venezuelans

The Biden administration announcement it will begin expelling Venezuelan immigrants who entered the country illegally to stem the growing number of migrants fleeing Venezuela. Illegal border crossings, particularly by Venezuelans, have increased in recent months, with around 50,000 arrests in September. The move marks a policy shift after the administration established legal pathways and extended humanitarian protection to a significant number of Venezuelan arrivals in recent months.

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DHS to Speed ​​Up EAD Processing Times for Some Migrants

Starting this month, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced plans to reduce processing times to 30 days for work authorization documents (EAD) for migrants entering through the Cuban, Haitian, Nicaraguan, Venezuelan parole process or through the CBP One mobile app. More than 211,000 have used the CHNV program and 241,000 through CBP One since January 2023, with USCIS currently taking four months for 80% of parole-based EAD applications.

Florida immigration crackdown hurts state economy, new report says

According to a new report Florida’s recent crackdown on illegal immigration is hurting local businesses and stifling the state’s economy, according to the Miami Herald.

Last summer, Florida’s Republican-controlled legislature passed a tough immigration law aimed at cracking down on undocumented immigrants in the state. So far, there is little evidence that the new law has led to many arrests, but it has had a notable impact on immigrant hiring, according to Florida business owners and labor economists . The agriculture, hospitality and construction sectors have been particularly affected.

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