I make more money when I write on Medium | by Teri Radichel | Biting Bugs | October 2023


It’s ironic, but true

I have evaluated my Medium stats over time. It’s kind of funny that I get the biggest responses to some stories I write on Medium when that’s not really my goal. I write about cybersecurity. But I write down things I notice over time and make requests to Medium through this blog where I report errors, feature requests, and related issues I encounter while using products and services.

Even though it seems like these stories have a very short lifespan, ironically they are the ones that receive the most applause. I don’t promote them, maybe that’s why they don’t get as much popularity, and as I’ve written before, I sent a lot more traffic to Medium than Medium n sent to my blog posts as of this writing.

I’m not sure writing a blog will ever be a viable source of income. I’m writing this blog for other reasons, but it would be nice if Medium could solve this problem somehow. People make money from books – why not a blog?

I don’t think paying for claps or comments is the answer because it has nothing to do with what generates the company’s revenue. Applause is an interesting way to track sentiment, but not necessarily a good indicator of what’s generating revenue for Medium as a business.

As for authors trying to figure out the best way to make money from a blog, I watched a video about blogging and how to make money from your blogs which covered who was making significant income and these are the people who offered or sold other services. – not the blog itself. That’s a bit of my scenario. But I hope the blog helps improve cybersecurity across the industry. This is my main blog.

I just find it quite comical that the stories that garner success, claps, and acclaim come from other Medium authors who are trying to find a viable way to make a living writing. And that benefits me even though these people are probably already paying Medium clients with the rule…

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