WMCHealth cyberattack poses risk to patients and ambulances are turned away


A New York-based healthcare facility was found to be asking its incoming patients to seek medical assistance at other facilities due to a possible cyberattack scar. In a press release, Westchester Medical Center Health Network (WMCHealth) published an article about the WMCHealth cyberattack affecting its hospitals. The attack has so far not been claimed by any cybercriminal group.

WMCHealth cyberattack hit HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley (HAHV) confirmed Press release through health care. This included HealthAlliance Hospital, Margaretville Hospital and Mountainside Residential Care Center.

Impact of the WMCHealth cyberattack

In a press release addressing the WMCHealth cyberattack, it was noted that its hospitals were suffering from a possible cyber security threat, including computer system failure. Even though he said that patient care was not affected, a local report indicated otherwise.

WMCHealth Cyberattack

A report of Hudson Valley One Addressing the HAHV cyberattack, he wrote that a candidate for Kingston mayor, Scott Denny, said the WMCHealth hospital on Mary’s Avenue in Kingston had been turning away emergency patients since Sunday morning, October 15.

However, the press release alerting users of the WMCHealth IT outage was issued on October 16 and also stated that scheduled procedures and surgeries would proceed as previously stated. Laboratory and radiology services were open, WMCHealth confirmed.

Addressing the impact of the WMCHealth IT outage on patient care, Scott said, “They are diverting people and ambulances to other hospitals. “The ambulance comes, they’re told, you need to go to Westchester, you need to try to go to Northern Dutchess,” Scott added.

Meanwhile, Northern Dutchess Hospital is working hard to care for its own residents and the overflow. from Kingstonwhich also created an overload of work and obvious problems.

An employee of the Northern Dutchess Hospital addressed the large number of patients to be diverted to that. She said: “We are excited. It’s completely full. But you are always welcome.

The HAHV computer outage and cyberattack was investigated by the New York State Department of Health and Ulster County officials.

To avoid exposure of data related to its facilities and network, local facilities have been temporarily disconnected from WMCHealth systems.

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