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I don’t want to have to click on each story to see it and I want to be able to sort

There is this statistics page. I’m over 29K in a month during the day (as you can see, I just turned around at midnight and lost about a thousand hits when that happened).

Below that, there’s a message that some stats have been temporarily removed – but they’ve been missing for a while now.

Please return them.

It’s a bit annoying having to click on each story to see views and reads, and not being able to sort views and reads.

I really don’t care about the comments. Less than less.

The payout is interesting, although I don’t know how you arrive at that figure. I wrote about it here:

This doesn’t match the applause at all and the applause really doesn’t make any sense to me.

Most importantly, besides how much I’m paid, I want to know how many views my story got and how many reads (based on our “read” calculation). This is 1 million times more important than comments. I want to know if my work is meaningful to others. I want to know which stories get the most traction.

It would be great if you could also provide internal and external percentages on this page. My stories tend to receive more external references and readers than internal ones.

I really hope these numbers come back soon.

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