US grants 5-year work permits to green card applicants


Breaking News US grants 5-year work permits to green card applicants

Highlights: US extends green card validity by five years

  • Recently, the United States extended the validity of work permits, which will make it possible to offer work authorization cards to the non-immigrant category.
  • Also includes Indians waiting for a green card for five years.
  • This US decision is expected to have a positive impact on many Indians currently residing in the United States.

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USCIS extends work permit to 5 years for all EADs

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that it will provide work authorization cards to certain categories of nonimmigrants.

The validity of EADs has been increased to a good 5 years, which is the maximum, by USCIS, and this applies to renewals and initial applications; also targets non-immigrants seeking work authorization.

This includes those who have been waiting for a green card for five years.

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Indians awaiting employment-based green cards

  • According to recent studies, around 10.5 lakh Indians in the country waiting for an employment-based green card are expected to benefit.
  • The green card, or permanent resident card, is an essential document granted to immigrants who prove their residency in the United States.
  • Given by the Federal Agency, eligibility includes applicants for adjustment of status (INA 245), cancellation of removal, suspension of expulsion, asylum or refusal of removal.
  • The United States aims to reduce work authorization applications and is targeting new I-765 forms, submitted for EAD renewals.
  • This initiative will help reduce processing times and delays related to green cards.

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USCIS aims to reduce green card backlogs

According to reports by David J. Bier of the Cato Institute, an American libertarian, this year the number of green cards awaiting employment reached a new high of 1,800,000.

About 1,100,000 of the 1,80,000 arrears are from India, accounting for 63 percent, and China, accounting for 14 percent, or 2,50,000.

This decision by the United States to extend the validity of EADs gives hope to Indians who are waiting for green cards.
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