Cyberattack against Air Canada claimed by BianLian!


Recently, the notorious ransomware group BianLian claimed responsibility for the cyberattack on Air Canada, one of the country’s major airlines, and added it to its list of victims.

Earlier in September, Air Canada had confirmed a security incident this had resulted in the disclosure of personal information of some employees. However, no information has been released regarding the threat actor responsible for the attack.

The BianLian Ransomware The group, which previously posted information about a company on the dark web without revealing its name, has now publicly disclosed the identity of the company, hinting at the breakdown of negotiations.

Cyberattack against Air Canada
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At the time of reporting, Air Canada’s official website remained accessible; However, there has been no official confirmation or statement from the airline regarding the Air Canada cyberattack claimed by ransomware group.

The Cyber ​​Express team has contacted Air Canada to request confirmation. We have not yet received a response.

BianLian ransomwarea group with a history of high-profile cyberattacks, reportedly targeted the airline’s digital infrastructure in a sophisticated and coordinated effort.

Air Canada cyberattack: what was revealed?

Earlier in SeptemberCanada’s national airline was the victim of a data breach in which a malicious actor gained limited access to one of its internal systems.

Air Canada had confirmed that the security incident had resulted in the disclosure of some employees’ personal information.

“An unauthorized group briefly gained limited access to an internal Air Canada system related to limited personal information about certain employees and records.”

However, the airline assured that Air Canada’s breach did not affect its flight operations systems and that no customer information was compromised because customer-facing systems were not accessible.

“We can also confirm that all our systems are fully operational. Since then, we have implemented further enhancements to our security measures, including with the help of leading global agencies. cyber security experts, to prevent such incidents in the future as part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining the security of the data we hold.

Cyberattack against Air Canada: passenger data security threatened

The intrusion of a cybercriminal group into the digital infrastructure of a major airline raises significant concerns about data security and the potential impact on the airline and its passengers.

Pending official confirmation from Air Canada, the extent of the breach, the nature of the data compromised and the motives for this cyberattack remain under scrutiny.

Nonetheless, we have witnessed similar cyberattacks in the not-so-distant past. Just a few months ago, in June 2023, Star Alliance, recognized as the world’s largest coalition of international airlines, would have been targeted by a cyberattack perpetrated by the infamous Türk Hack Team.

The cyber landscape is constantly evolving, and these incidents are a reminder of the constant threats organizations face and the critical need for effective management. cyber security measures.

As the investigation into the Air Canada cyberattack unfolds and the story develops, we encourage passengers and those associated with Air Canada or any other airline to remain vigilant, take necessary precautions, like changing passwords, enabling multi-factor authentication, and staying alert to potential phishing. attempts.

This story is still ongoing and The Cyber ​​Express will provide updates as more information becomes available. Please stay tuned for the latest developments in this ongoing story.

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