Batch delete calculation environment not working | by Teri Radichel | Biting Bugs | October 2023


I’ve tried deleting the batch compute environments several times over the past few days and they still exist.

I’ve clicked the Delete button on both of these batch compute environments several times over the past few days.

I get a message that the compute environment will be deleted but it still exists after several attempts.

I went in and deleted the underlying ECS ​​cluster so as not to be charged for it as a result of this bug.

I might have missed something in the documentation about these hanging around for a while after they’re deleted, but they should be grayed out or something and it should be indicated somewhere on the screen if this is the case.

Regardless, I consider this a bug or at least a problem.

Update: I finally clicked on Compute Environment and saw this error:

assume-role/BatchComputeEnvironmentRole/aws-batch is not allowed to execute: ecs:DeleteCluster on the resource:

This error should be reported on the main screen.

Additionally, I used the policy from AWS policy and this policy could not be deployed in the first place due to invalid conditions and now it has this problem. The policy will need to be understood and corrected, but the documentation needs to be corrected and the user interface could use an update.

Follow for updates.

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