RansomedVC seeks access to Iran and Palestine


In his latest post, cybercriminal RansomedVC expressed interest in purchasing access to systems in Iran and other conflict zones such as Gaza and Palestine, potentially with the aim of obtaining system data linked to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

RansomedVC made headlines by approving the data it offers for sale without engaging in the act of exfiltration itself.

This was seen in the case of the alleged Sony data leak case. A hacker forum user claimed he had Sony data and RansomedVC was lying.

“RansomedVC announced that it is seeking access to countries affiliated with Iran, Palestine and Gaza,” the Daily tweet read. Dark webwho posted a screenshot of RansomedVC’s dark web post.

Access to Iran
(Photo: Daily Dark Web)

Access to organizations in Gaza and Iran could allow hackers to exfiltrate data and then use it to target individuals with specially designed weapons. phishing emails.

Access to Iran, the Israel-Hamas war and potential online cybercrimes

The Israeli government has declared war on Hamas militants in Gaza. Last weekend, a music concert in a Israeli desert turned into a scene of horror for visitors when militants burst in, shot several people dead and took others hostage, including Israeli soldiers.

This was done by Palestinian Hamas militant groups from the Gaza Strip who also raided 22 Israeli cities. Israel responded to the Hamas attack with airstrikes on Gaza.

Following these events, the families of the deceased and those held hostage are seeking information about them. Phones, emails and other social media are full of statements and comments about the Hamas attack and the brutality that followed.

However, all information found online on the Israel-Hamas conflict we could trust. News that RansomedVC is seeking access to Iran and Palestine may lead to more misinformation and data breaches. connected organizations.

This can create even more chaos and lead people to stray in the wrong direction with cloned websites from government and other organizations. It is therefore advisable to watch out for scams which may appear on social media, via SMS, chat platforms and search results.

Israel said it had cut off supplies of essential goods to the Gaza Strip, which has been in effect since Saturday, leaving the population helpless.

People around the world looking for ways to gain knowledge about the Israel-Hamas conflict or help trace family members should exercise caution and not trust online sources that are not verified.

This could be exploited by small cybercriminals and ransomware groups looking for ways to deceive donors and supporters. Even as RansomedVC seeks access to Iran and Gaza, others could also do the same.

Several hackers have already claimed responsibility for cyberattacks against organizations involved on both sides of the war between Israel and Hamas. It would therefore not be surprising if fraudulent communications began to circulate.

The news also implies Iran in potential support for militants in Gaza. RansomedVC’s interest in accessing both Iran and Gaza raises concerns about its intent, perhaps with the intention of later selling exfiltrated information on the dark web for illicit purposes.

Although the situation is dire, it requires careful action by governments and organizations to help victims of war and geopolitical conflicts. They can verify information with tools and resources that not all individuals have.

Relatives of those affected by the Hamas attack and subsequent attacks and others wishing to donate or offer support should exercise caution and not click on links contained in communications received from organizations. These emails and messages may direct users to duplicate websites containing fraudulent images and videos made via deep counterfeiting technology.

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